Ground Protection Mats

Ground protection mats have traction surfaces comprised of rugged nubs in varying forms which substantially improves the forward motion and grip of plant or vehicles and reduces sideways slippage, even in the most challenging of ground and weather conditions. For pedestrian use, ramps and the reversible design means our ground protection mats are non-slip and non-slip.

We Put Ourselves In Our Client's Shoes

Ground Access Hire’s Ground Protection Mat Systems provide a safe and efficient way of carrying out your work, whilst still protecting the underlying ground from erosion; therefore, ensuring you achieve a happy workforce and customer.

Client's Business As Is Own Business

We understand the pressures of meeting deadlines and targets, so we work with and around you to achieve optimal success. We offer delivery, installation and collection to work with your day-to-day operations.

We Build Deep & Enjoyable Relationships

We aim to develop long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with our customers, allowing us to provide the service you require, every time.

Easy installation with no compromise on effectiveness

Lightweight and man-handleable, our matting system is easy to off load and deploy by two men, yet still provides unbeatable ground protection over sensitive and soft ground, therefore preserving the condition of the area, especially useful for heritage and eco-sensitive areas.