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Safe Site Mat

Unique overlapping connection system means that when connected a seamless anti-trip, the anti-slip surface is created, perfect for all types of footfall. Weighing only 20kg per panel no mechanical assistance is required for installation and a two-person team can install up to 200 square metres of Safe Site Mat in an hour. The Safe Site Mat can be used as a temporary or permanent solution.

Utilising a PU Mastic along the seams of the connection point the Safe Site Mat can provide a complete impervious layer for your floor. Ideal for Stables, Livestock holding areas, factory floors, construction site compounds, pedestrian walkways, playgrounds etc.

Access Ramps provide easy access on to the mat for Wheelchairs. Raised traction profile provides grip to all types of footfall. Capable of taking loads of up to 3.3 tonnes per lcm2. (As long as the ground underneath can take the weight then the Safe Site Mat will be able to take the weight).


  • Made from 100% Recycled PVC.
  • Provides seamless non-trip, non-slip surface that is ‘kind’ to foot and the environment.
  • Ramps for easy access and trip prevention.
  • Quick and easy to assemble and disassemble with no mechanical assistance required.
  • Continuous male and female locking system, ensuring a smooth surface.
  • Total access solution provider.


Dimension (w x l)

760 x 1160mm

Weight per mat


Weight loading

Loads of up to 3.3 tonnes per 1cm² depending on thickness of mat and ground conditions.


For ease of access and to prevent any trip hazards when entering onto the Stable Mat, we provide a range of access ramps which fit seamlessly to the Stable Mat.


100% recycled PVC , Urea resistant , Chemically Stable, Fire Resistant, Excellent Heat Insulation, Easy Maintenance.

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