Temporary Roadways

Ground protection mats in use to protect the lawned areas and provide a roadway for the mini digger and construction vehicles whilst excavation takes place for the installation of a swimming pool.
A temporary roadway was required for construction traffic to cross a level crossing to access a site. Ground protection mats were laid over the crossing to keep it clean and protect it from damage from the heavy plant.
Note that our ground protection mats are not suitable for steel tracked machines.
When customers are planning an event, whether it be a change to their garden or putting on an event, they are often concerned about damage to their gardens, roads or green spaces. In addition, building firms need to protect the surrounding areas of a construction site which they are working on.
Our ground protection mats can be used to construct temporary roads for plant traffic or for use on various sites including festivals, concerts and sporting events.
The portable trackway in this first picture are in use to protect the lawned areas and provide a roadway for the mini digger and construction vehicles whilst excavation takes place for the installation of a swimming pool. The mats ensure the machinery can enter the garden safely whilst protecting it from excessive damage. In addition, builders, designers and the homeowners can safely access the site without fear of falling.
The TrakMats make ideal paths for construction vehicles and are widely used within the building industry. They are also suitable to be used by cars, motorbikes and a wide range of automobiles. In addition the mats have been laid down and used for many years as a safe walkway for pedestrians attending concerts, festivals, cultural and sporting events.
Our trackway hire is available to companies throughout the UK and no event is too small for us, just give us a call to discuss your requirements and a member of our friendly team will be happy to help and offer any guidance necessary.
We believe that whatever job you are doing, ground protection mats are worth the investment for maximum return. The panels have cut out handles and are easy to put together and lay down.
Health and Safety is paramount in the minds of people within the construction, sporting and leisure industries and we fully appreciate how important it is too ensure that there are safe, temporary roads and walk ways for the public to use.
The portable roadways available at Ground Access Hire are made from recycled high density Polyethylene and are recyclable at the end of their product life. In addition, they do not absorb moisture and are safe to use in an array of weather conditions.
If you want to protect tarmac from vehicle use our temporary track ways will do the job for you.
As they are heavy duty mats they can take hard and constant use and they are very resistant to most chemicals. They make perfect roadways for use at music festivals which are prone to muddy conditions. With a unique anti-slip traction panel, walkers and traffic should be in less danger of slipping and sliding in muddy conditions.
Once the revellers have left and the festivities ended, organisers can take up the temporary roadways with minimum effort and the ground underneath will have remained intact. The Polyethylene material which the product is made from is easily cleaned and ensures the mats remain in tip top condition.
The temporary roadways provide a clean, safe and professional looking environment for people accessing and using the site. They are extremely durable and vigorously tested to last for years and years.



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