Temporary Car Parks

Ground protection mats are a multipurpose product and can be used in a variety of ways, including creating temporary car parks without damaging the ground underneath. Many people find themselves needing to divert traffic into a temporary car park. However, they don’t want their grass or other surfaces damaged. Temporary car park matting is the perfect solution.
The temporary road mats provide a secure and level surface to protect the ground underneath from erosion. Concrete will be protected by the mats and prevent damage from extra vehicle use. They also provide a safe environment for workers and visitors ensuring they can park their vehicles with the minimum fuss before safely walking to their destination without fear of slipping or their vehicles being bogged down in wet and muddy conditions.
By laying the portable roadways over grass, water damage and the risk of flooding will be eliminated. This preventative measure will save you money as there will be minimal damage when the mats are removed and the temporary car park put back to its initial use. They make excellent lawn protection mats.
Customers have told us that they have used plywood in the past however the material is not ideal for temporary car parks. Plywood often breaks during first use, splinters, warps, gets soggy and is impossible to handle. In addition, unlike TrakMats, plywood has no connection options. They are therefore not as stable as the TrakMats which we provide.
The ground protection mats are easy to lay and have been designed to be easily carried by two people. Made from lightweight durable HD Polyethylene. The non-slip surface of the TrakMats also reduces the build up of mud and tyre slippage. Customers will want to avoid this in a temporary car park to ensure visitors and customers can exit the site safely and with minimum fuss.
People may require temporary car parks in a number of situations. If you are a homeowner building on your premises, this temporary covering will provide construction workers with somewhere to park their vehicles. Alternatively, if you are parents hosting a wedding at home, you may find your driveway is too small for people to park and you don’t want to upset neighbours with a snaking row of traffic going down the road. In this situation portable roadway systems would provide the prefect remedy to your headache. We can take the stress away from you and provide you with enough mats to provide temporary matting, Guests would have a safe place to park and you can rest assured that your immaculate lawn will still be intact when the guests have left and the temporary car park de-installed.
In addition, if you are organising an event such as a festival, concert or agricultural event don’t overlook the need for temporary car park matting. Such events are normally put on in areas away from town and cities, making the use of local transport difficult. This means people will be arriving in their own vehicles and will need somewhere to park. We are happy to speak to event organisers to discuss their needs and offer our advice. The temporary roadway hire may seem like an additional cost which you could do without. However, when the event is packed away and you are left with a damaged field, it is the organisers who could incur the cost of re-sowing the area. TrakMats will stop any damage and you can leave the area as you found it with the minimum of fuss.
Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to discuss all your requirements.



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