Outdoors Events

Don’t let the weather ruin your event! | Don’t let traffic ruin your landscape!
Whatever time of year you will be holding an outdoor event you can’t control the weather. You could be lucky but what would be the outcome if the weather took a turn for the worse? That is always a potential problem with outdoor events in the UK.
With ground protection mats you can be sure of safe access and ground protection.
One of the biggest potential problems with holding outdoor field events is that in wet weather the ground can become churned up by vehicles and pedestrians to the point where accessibility and safety issues arise.
Use of the Ground Access Hire grass protection mats will make a huge difference by providing a strong and secure platform to protect the temporary roadways and pedestrian walkways from damage.
Road protection mats have been used at many large outdoor events including Glastonbury, The V Festival, T in the Park, Henley Regatta and the National Eisteddfod.
Smaller Events
It’s not just big events that can benefit from field protection mats. Small outdoor events such as fetes, outdoor markets, sports days, music concerts and craft fairs can be disrupted by the weather and sometimes having just a few Trakmats on hand can make a huge difference. Where pedestrian and vehicle access to fields is through gateways and bottlenecks lead to a build up of mud mats can be invaluable to prevent the ground being churned up by vehicles. They can also help when this has already happened to provide safe footing for pedestrians and to help to prevent further erosion of the ground.
Whilst having wedding celebrations in outdoor locations can be a wonderful experience for all concerned, wet weather can turn the event into a disaster! In addition, the damage to these lawned areas can be difficult and costly for the venue to repair.
You can’t control the weather but hiring the ground protection mat system will give you the peace of mind that you will be able to control the effects of the weather.
Beach Parties and Beach Events
Another difficult situation is where vehicles have to cross beaches or other sandy areas. Timber boardwalks are often built for pedestrian access to beach bars and cafes but these are more permanent and will not carry the weight of heavy vehicles. If you are organising a beach party or other beach event where secure pedestrian or vehicle access is required, we can supply the solution.



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