Ground protection mats have many uses in the construction industry both for ground protection and enabling safe access for vehicles and plant.

  • Protect existing blockwork, tarmac or grassed areas
  • Provide safe roadways and walkways over soft ground
  • Provide clean areas for material storage
  • Easy to handle, lay and move to new positions
  • Reduce costs for remedial work

If you have a landscaped garden, expensive playing field or tarmac road you won’t want it being damaged by bad weather, plant machinery or heavy usage.

That is why we at Ground Access Hire believe ground protection mats are ideal to use in the construction industry.

The heavy duty non-slip mats protect the area beneath whilst providing safe access for plant machinery and pedestrians, who can walk on a level surface free from harm.

The temporary ground protection panels have many uses in the construction industry and can be used for safeguarding your existing blockwork, tarmac or grassed areas from heavy loads and machinery whilst enabling an easy site route for vehicles and plant hire.

The easy to handle ground protection matting can be used for heavy traffic and are a popular product on building sites as they can sustain constant use. Once laid you can rest assured that you have the infrastructure in place to provide safe roadways and walkways over soft and uneven ground.

Our team, based in North Wales, are used to dealing with the ever increasing demands within the construction industry and can meet all your engineering and safety needs. This means that we can overcome ground condition difficulties which often result in project delays and extra costs.

Within the construction industry, increasing issues with health and safety, the environment and property damage are making ground protection systems a must. Many other makeshift ground covers deteriorate quickly and can be unsafe and slippery.

By using our ground protection boards the ground will be safe guarded and there will be no re-instatement costs to re-grass public areas or parkland and brickwork and tarmac will be unscathed.
So whether you’re looking to pave the way for delivery access or need to lay down temporary roadways or even temporary car parks we have the product for you.

Our ground protection mat hire will save you, our customer, time and money by keeping site access and maintenance to a minimum. The boards will also ensure materials stored are kept clean and well preserved.

Ground Access Hire’s boards are easy to handle and weigh just 33kgs. The TrakMats are made from lightweight, durable HD Polyethylene, one of the toughest materials available. They connect easily and are joined together with Urethane connectors and bolts. The only equipment required to tighten the bolts is an Impact Driver and a 14mm socket.

Assembly couldn’t be easier and two people should be able to confidently lift the mats which have hand cut outs to make construction easier.

We are confident that our ground protection pads provide safer and more efficient working conditions for people using and visiting your building site whilst also promoting safer and more professional images to visitors, clients and customers.

The ground protection mats we supply are made from a tough and durable material which is rot proof and minimises environmental damage.

What is more, with virtually no scrap value our products are unlikely to be stolen from construction sites.

We are happy to discuss all your needs and can provide ground protection products for hire throughout the UK. We can also provide an efficient delivery, installation, decommissioning and collection service to construction sites throughout the country.



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