Manufactured using recyclable, 100% recycled High-Density Polyethene, the Euromat is resistant to absorbing foreign materials due to it being chemically inert. Therefore, maintenance and cross-contamination prevention are easily achieved. In optimal ground condition, up to 80-tonne loads can be taken.

Superior in strength, longevity and weight loading against their competition due to their compression moulded structure and 2.4m x 1.2m sizing.

Manual installation requires only two persons to lift these 36kg panels. The average installation rate of 30 mats per hour.

Double-sided traction surfaces as standard, one suitable for pedestrians, the other for vehicular use.


  • Manufactured using 100% Recycled PVC.
  • Non-slip,non-trip,seamless surface,perfect for pedestrians.
  • For trip prevention and easy access, mats have ramps
  • No mechanical assistance for easy and quick assembling and disassembling.
  • Smooth surface achieved through continuous male and female locking system.
  • Access solution provider.


Dimension (w x l)

760 x 1160mm

Weight per mat


Weight loading

Loads of up to 3.3 tonnes per 1cm² depending on thickness of mat and ground conditions.


For ease of access and to prevent any trip hazards when entering onto the Stable Mat, we provide a range of access ramps which fit seamlessly to the Stable Mat.


100% recycled PVC , Urea resistant , Chemically Stable, Fire Resistant, Excellent Heat Insulation, Easy Maintenance.

Product In Action
Grassed Venues
City Squares