Delivery and Collection

Delivery and Collection of TrackMats

The mats are shipped, stored and transported to and from site on double pallets, numbering 30 to a pallet, and are se-curely strapped at all times. Forklifts are used to move, load and unload palletised mats, both at depot and at site, during delivery and pick up.


Once the mats have arrived at site, each pallet is lifted off the de-livery vehicle by a forklift and moved to various designated drop off points along the proposed temporary access track or pad, starting with the first pallet at the commencement of the track-way. Metal or plastic buckets containing the connectors and other connection items are carried separately to the designated drop off points. The pallet is unstrapped and ground Access Hire person-nel will lift the mats off the pallet and place each mat in the previ-ously specified location, to commence formation of the temporary access way. The mats are either placed as a parallel trackway, solid trackway or laid to form turning, parking or reversing areas i.e. pads.