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The Ground Access Hire Ground Protection Mat System provides a strong and secure surface whilst protecting the underlying ground from erosion.

The mats are ideal for temporary roadways, pedestrian walkways and temporary car parks for outdoor events. They will provide ground protection when it is necessary to take vehicles or plant across lawns and parkland, and can be used to protect finished surfaces such as tarmac and block paving from damage on construction sites.

Easily carried and laid, these ground protection mats can also be used to provide access.

Trak mats are made from lightweight, durable HD Polyethylene. Yet are easy to handle and lay, with no specialist equipment required. They have a non-slip surface to reduce tyre slippage and mud build up.

As used by JCB Ltd.
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"The mats came into their own when a 50 tonne crane truck was bogged to its axle. They were placed underneath and the truck was able to drive out.

The mats have proved very effective as working platforms in muddy conditions."

TrakMat pattern detailThe mats have a grip pattern to provide grip and reduce the build up of mud. At only 33kg per panel, they are designed to be carried by two men and have hand hold apertures to ensure safe and easy manhandling.

We provide ground protection products for hire throughout the UK and provide an efficient delivery, installation, decommissioning and collection service.

"Ground Access Hire were a real find for me. Always very keenly priced but still able to offer great back-up and service. Efficient delivery and collection with no dramas. Who could ask for more?" Steve Hill, EMO Ltd

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TrakMats are made from 100% recycled polyethylene and are recyclable at the end of product life.

TrakMats are manufactured from high molecular weight polyethylene, it does not absorb moisture and is very resistant to most chemicals, acids are stored in polyethylene containers it is also used in most automotive battery housing and fuel tanks.

The TrakMats are weatherproof and water-resistant people who have been using plywood for temporary access roads would soon realise the benefits of the TrakMats. Unlike plywood which often breaks during first use, splinters, warps, gets soggy and impossible to handle. Unlike TrakMats plywood has no connection options.

The TrakMats are suitable for vehicles up to 30 tonnes subject to ground conditions.

The weight load distribution performance of TrakMats is subject solely to ground conditions, weight and type of vehicle or plant. Ground Access Hire always recommend that a site survey be carried out to determine weight loading and ground conditions.

There are two “traction” issues on every mat, the one between the tyre and the mat and the mat and the ground. The traction between the tyre and the mat is always going to be better than the traction to the ground, especially if the mat is installed on wet ground or on a slight incline. The TrakMats have been used to provide temporary roads on both sand and mud.

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The TrakMats have a unique surface which gives an excellent grip and also ensures that mud is dispelled whilst vehicles traverse and non-slip traction is maintained. During the manufacturing process of TrakMats they are compression moulded at very high temperature and under great pressure this is when the unique surface is formed and the process also gives the TrakMats their strength and durability.

Even though they are so strong and durable they weigh only 33kgs and can easily be handled and installed by two people without the need for a Hiab lorry.This is an advantage over aluminium boards which require a Hiab lorry for delivery and installation, aluminium boards are also difficult to clean this can lead to cross-contamination.

TrakMats provide customers with an easy to install temporary access solution. The advantage of the manhandleable TrakMats is that they can easily be re-sited should clients require to move the temporary walkway or roadway to another part of the area in which they are working. Using TrakMats has enabled our clients to successfully deliver ground protection and temporary access solutions for a variety of projects.


Health and Safety -- public, workforce on site, plant and machinery operators. We live in a blame culture society and need as employers to provide the safest working environment for our employees. The TrakMat will provide clients with a solid, level platform enabling easy access for both workforce and the machinery on site.